Kurgan CHP


Kurgan, Kurgan region.

Technical characteristics:

  • Established power: electrical — 222 MW, thermal — 250 Gcal/h
  • Fuel: gas
  • Equipment: plant consists of two 111 MW power units. Each unit includes: 75 MW gas turbine PG 6111 FA, 2-pressure steam waste heat boiler, 38 MW steam heating turbine Siemens SST-400

Project implementation will allow to:

  • Provide electricity and thermal energy generation for the social and economic development of Kurgan and the region; 
  • Provide high levels of economy in energy generation due to combined cycle technology;
  • Supply the consumer with thermal and electrical energy at fixed prices according to long-term contracts; 
  • Modernize the local power infrastructure; 
  • Enhance the reliability of the local energy supply;
  • Create additional work places in the town.